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Our specialist, Dr. Simonetti, covers topics of common interest, for an in-depth study and understanding of the causes and possible solutions to the most frequent pathologies and problems related to physical movement.

Podartis da sempre ha l’obbiettivo di sviluppare soluzioni per il benessere di piede e caviglia, con lo scopo di migliorare la qualità della vita a tutti coloro che hanno dolore ai piedi. Una particolare attenzione è dedicata a tutte le persone che hanno problemi e/o deformità alle dita dei piedi, che sono la principale causa del dolore ai piedi.
Physical exercise can prevent the onset of many health problems. Engaging in regular physical exercise is one of the best decisions an elderly person can make.
Arthrosis is a chronic condition which causes the degeneration and progressive deterioration of cartilage around the joints. It mainly affects the joints of the hip, knee, spinal column, hands and feet.
When summer and hot weather are on their way, it would be wise to find out how we can make the best of the sunshine “safely” and without worries.
Venous insufficiency is a circulation disorder whereby the blood has difficulty flowing up from your legs and back to your heart.
Special exercises can slow down or even prevent the degenerative process in tendons, muscles and joints.
Our living machine (human body) was designed to move and stay in an upright position. Man’s locomotive apparatus amounts for about 70% of our body mass and if we don’t move, our parts rust and our system deteriorates.
It is thought that every single day in Italy about 5,000 people get a sprain. About 20% of these are sportspeople whereas 30% are relapses due to old injuries that were not properly treated.
People often don’t realise this, but cellulite is not only a cosmetic problem, it is a pathological change to the microcirculation (the tiny blood vessels that link the arteries to the veins beneath the skin).
Cold hands or feet, a tingling sensation in the toes or fingers, numbness, or, in more serious cases, cramps affecting the legs or feet are all symptoms which point to bad circulation.
When there is a strong pain under the heel, the aim of any treatment is to reduce the inflammation and, therefore, to alleviate the pain.
One of the bugbears of sports lovers (especially runners, footballers and tennis players) is pain on the bottom of the foot. The medical word for it is: Plantar Fasciitis.