Plantari su misura Podartis. Massima personalizzazione, massima soddisfazione.

Podartis’ Made-to-Measure department does not only handcraft footwear on the premises of our Italian workshops, but it also makes personalised insoles.

The immense experience of our artisans and their attention to the smallest technical or construction detail means that our made-to-measure products are in a league of their own and that we can make insoles to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Drawing on decades of research-and-development activities in the footwear and orthopaedic sector as well as numerous technical partnerships with leading material manufacturers like Vibram and Podiatech, we are able to offer the best materials on the market, not to mention exclusive products specially developed and patented for our customers only. You can rest assured we will deliver the highest degree of customisation, allowing you to choose materials for the bases, inserts and coverings.

If you are a specialist and want more details about our materials, visit our dedicated page and get in touch with us to gain access to exclusive research activities and personalised training.

Greater accuracy, less time wasted.

Podartis has always been on the forefront when it comes to using and developing cutting-edge technology.

The software programmes and cutters in our Research Centre are compatible with most products already present on the market so you can rely on a winning combination of professional expertise, accurate equipment and Podartis’ renowned experience in research and product testing.

Podartis allows professionals to leverage our cad-cam made-to-order service which, with its cutting-edge highly accurate system, cuts down on errors and any waste of time. Once the professional has acquired the shape of the foot, the design stage and creation of the P3 insole take place remotely in our Research Centre under the watchful eye of our Biomedical Engineer, releasing professionals from the need to do it themselves, enabling them to spend more time with patients and freeing up space on their premises.

So, the P3 insole is our response to the market’s growing demand for the segmentation of product ranges, thus meeting the requirements of patients and professionals alike.

Contact us for further information on the available blocks of materials and their features as well as a personalised quote.