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Dr. Buratto began his collaboration with Prof. Antonio Volpe, orthopaedic surgeon at the Abano Terme Polyclinic (Padua) and Past President of the Italian Society of Foot and Ankle Surgery. With him is developed the first post-surgery shoe in thalism with forefoot protection.


The collaboration with Prof. Luigi Uccioli (Tor Vergata University of Rome) leads to the presentation of the first worldwide study on the usefulness of shoes for diabetic foot.


Relationships begin with the world of American podiatrists for the realization of insoles. Prof. Alan Shaw and Dr. Massimo Toffolo, lead the neutral technique under astragalica.

The collaboration with the world of American orthopaedics continues with the courses on diabetic foot and biomechanics with Dr. Bob Frykberg, formal president of the group of podiatrists.

2012 – 2014

In the world of orthopedics the most important collaboration has been with Prof. Sandro Giannini – SICOST (Italian Society of Osteoporosis Surgery) and world IFFAS (International Federation of Foot and Ankle Societies) past president, with whom various studies of biomechanics from diabetic foot have been conducted in collaboration with the laboratory coordinated by Mr. Leardini and Dr. Lisa Berti. Together with this team, he was also involved in the study of the ideal shoe for the physical activity of feet at risk.

Internationally relevant is the 2012/2014 study on TD, a post-surgery brace for the big toe valgus, which allows for unloading and walking without the use of crutches.

Of particular importance is the ten-year relationship with Prof. Carlo Caravaggi, world opinion leader, and the study carried out with one of the fathers of the diabetic foot, Prof. Ezio Faglia, on the Stabil D discharge brace, which received worldwide recognition with publication in the magazine Diabet Care.

The ongoing international collaboration with Prof. Andrew J.M. Boulton President of EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes), and with Kristien Van Acker, worldwide coordinator for Education of the IDF/DFSG Foot Group, has been supported in Italy by the work of Prof. Caravaggi, Dr. Enrico Brocco, Dr. Roberto Da Ros, Dr. Daniele Simonetti, and Prof. Luigi Uccioli, has produced in 2014 the publication of a milestone document in the prevention of diabetic foot complications: the Triage.