Post Operative. The importance of Podartis research

Podartis was the first company to test and manufacture footwear with an off-loading outsole to alleviate pressure on the forefoot. Nowadays, these outsoles are taken to be the norm for the post-operative phase.

This range of footwear is the result of twenty years’ experience in the medical sector and relentless investments in research, development and testing activities to gauge the actual effectiveness of Podartis footwear.

Laboratory tests have shown that Podartis footwear alleviates more pressure on the forefoot than conventional shoes as well as offering a more stable gait without affecting posture.

This is why today Podartis boasts a comprehensive range of products designed for functional recovery after foot surgery both for immediate post-op recovery and for rehabilitation and secondary post-op treatments.

The main features of our footwear are: no seams, an easy-to-open upper, an extra-wide fit and a non-slip outsole.

Post operative products