Atlanta Black


ATLANTA BLACK is recommended for the treatment of the mildly painful rheumatic foot as well as grade 0 and 1 prevention of diabetic foot.
The flexible biomechanical outsole contributes to a steady gait and balance. During the gait cycle, the joints of the feet are protected and pressure is redistributed.
The stretchable upper without seams at friction points adapts to the shape of the foot, softly accommodating any deformities (such as a hallux valgus or hammer toes) and avoiding dangerous painful rubbing. ATLANTA BLACK is also recommended for patients with arthrosis, delicate skin or callosity, or who suffer from disorders such as metatarsalgia, gout or bursitis.
The velcro fastening makes for an easy entry and allows patients to adjust the internal volume to suit their needs.
This piece of footwear has been designed for the insertion of a ready-made or bespoke insole.


Stretchable breathable upper in Flexpell®.
Flexible biomechanical outsole.
Extended stabilising back counter.
Designed for the insertion of a ready-made or bespoke insole.
Velcro fastening and easy entry.


Stretchable upper

Put an end to pain with a material that automatically adapts to the shape of your foot.

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