Canova Grey


CANOVA GREY is a sandal suitable for second-level prevention of diabetic foot (even in the presence of neuropathies), designed for patients with rheumatic foot who suffer from joint pain and have major deformities.

The 70% semi-rigid biomechanical Timing Rocker outsole provides excellent walking stability and reduces stress on ankles and knees.

The DCS (Dynamic Cross System) technology is equipped with a composite fibre insert that guarantees lift and control of excessive pronation (tested up to 140 kg). The self-modelling, seamless upper (in the foot’s rubbing areas) adapts to the shape of the foot, comfortably accommodating any deformities such as valgus toe or hammertoes, avoiding dangerous and painful friction, giving maximum comfort even in cases of bursitis, gout and pronounced callosity.

The double Velcro closure allows the front part of the slipper to be opened completely and the internal volume to be adjusted as required (swollen or oedematous feet). In addition, the generous fit comfortably accommodates important feet.

The sandal is prepared for the insertion of a finished or custom-made insole.


Supersoft nylon and nubuck upper
Biomechanical semi rigid 70% DCS outsole
Long lasting stabilizing counterfort
Designed for the insertion of a finished or custom-made insole
Double Velcro closure
Adjustable internal volume



Non-collapsing outsole for overpronation/oversupination Ideal for anyone who is overweight.

Perfect Fitting

Like a custom-made shoe, it is calibrated to fit the shape of the foot.

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