Compression Sport – Black


The socks from the COMPRESSION SPORT range are particularly recommended in the case of chronic or temporary venous insufficiency and for protected physical activity (including for diabetic or sensitive feet).
Their class-1 graduated progressive compression design improves blood circulation and lympho-venous drainage as well as boosting muscle oxygenation and reducing the sensation of fatigue.
The reinforced heel, arch, toes and malleolus protect the sensitive areas of the foot, guaranteeing joint stability during physical exercise.
The differentiated texture and seamless design provide the foot and calf with added comfort whilst the inner air channels increase breathability.

The sizes are based on the circumference of the ankle and calf:
Ankle circumference: S (18-20 cm) | M (20-23 cm) | L (23-26 cm) | XL (26-29 cm).
Calf circumference: S (25-31 cm) | M (32-38 cm) | L (39-44 cm) | XL (45-50 cm).


Class 1 graduated progressive compression design.
68% PA Polyamide (Microlon) – 20% EA Elastane – 12% PP Polypropylene.
Reinforced at the heel, arch, toes and malleolus area.
Protection for big toe.
Carefully gauged protection for the Achilles tendon.
Air channels which boost breathability.
No seams.
Differentiated texture for greater calf comfort.
Manufacturing process carried out entirely in Italy.



Graduated progressive compression zones to improve circulation.

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