Monica Woven Blu

The Monica orthopedic sandal in this elegant blue version, is suitable for all those women who suffer from foot pain… Read more


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  • Dark blu
  • Product code: SR631293
  • Fit: 11
  • Styles: Casa, Città
  • Gender: Female


The Monica orthopedic sandal in this elegant blue version, is suitable for all those women who suffer from foot pain caused by some slight deformities or pathologies, such as hallux valgus, hammertoes or flat feet, metatarsal pain…etc., solving the pain caused by unsuitable footwear and making every walk pleasant.


Enjoy rested feet and ankles thanks to the self-modeling upper and a safe and pleasant walk thanks to the biomechanical sole, which cushions the pressure exerted by the weight of the body on the sole of the foot. The calf leather upper with special processing of the leather, and the Velcro closure, make it a shoe of the highest quality and practicality, suitable for use both at home and in the city.


  • Self-modeling upper in woven calfskin + stretch design: high quality Made in Italy shoe with an elegant and attractive finish, which molds itself to the shape of the foot;
  • Biomechanical semi-rigid sole (40%): the Podartis Timing Rocker sole actively participates in pain reduction, anticipating the propulsion phase by 8mm, preventing the forefoot from being subjected to painful plantar pressure, unlike with all normal footwear.
  • filiform toe-cap: the protection on the toe of the shoe is higher than in normal footwear with the dual effect of increasing the volume by accommodating deformities and providing greater protection for the toes
  • no internal stitching: foot rubbing is thus reduced to a minimum, eliminating skin stress on the bony prominences
  • breathability: the upper is designed to be breathable, making it possible to prevent the onset of skin pathologies (mycosis, dermatitis).

Features and Technologies



  • 25 mm heel
  • Available sizes: 34 - 42
  • Colour: blue
  • Fit: 11
  • Diabetic risk levels: 0, 1
  • Rheumatic risk levels: 0, 1, 2
  • Typology: Sandal
  • Occasion: City, Home
  • Closure: Velcro

Risk levels

  • Diabetico - Grado 0
  • Diabetico - Grado 1
  • Reumatico - Grado 0
  • Reumatico - Grado 1
  • Reumatico - Grado 2

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