Vesuvio Grey


VESUVIO GREY is a piece of footwear for day-to-day use recommended for tertiary prevention of diabetic foot (in the case of a history of ulcers and Charcot foot) as well as the treatment of rheumatic foot with serious deformities. It was devised for patients who need to reduce pressure on the sole of the foot.
The rigid biomechanical outsole limits stress on the joints of the foot whilst the wearer is walking and significantly reduces pressure peaks on the forefoot, contributing to a proper distribution of pressure. The rigid outsole reduces the risk of re-ulceration in diabetic patients by over 50% (tests conducted by the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute (Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli), University of Bologna). With its “boat”-shaped design, it contributes to the push-off stage and helps the foot to roll more easily.
The double-velcro fastening means that the front of the upper can be opened, making for an easy entry. It is a perfect solution for feet which are big, malformed, swollen or bandaged because the generous fit and adjustable volume comfortably accommodates the foot.
This piece of footwear has been designed for the insertion of a ready-made or bespoke insole (including bulky ones).


Upper in super-soft nylon.
Rigid biomechanical outsole.
Extended stabilising back counter.
Designed for the insertion of a ready-made or bespoke insole.


Stretchable upper

Put an end to pain with a material that automatically adapts to the shape of your foot.

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