There is no better cure than physical exercise.
Go for it in complete confidence with Podartis.

A product of years of relentless research, the Podynamic range is Podartis’ solution for physical exercise, offering support and protection against injury.

We were the first company to have designed and developed completely innovative patents for movement, such as the semi-rigid biomechanical outsole called the Timing Rocker Sole®, not to mention the stretchable upper in Flexpell®; and since 2012 we have been making products specially devised for protected physical activity; all of these products are clinically tested in the best European university laboratories.

We offer a one-stop solution for feet – shoes, insoles and socks as well as innovative gels.

We have always worked unrelentingly to achieve a sole goal: to get people to walk better.

We know all too well that physical exercise is the best cure. Not only does it prevent disorders and ailments, it generally keeps us in good health, as demonstrated by countless scientific studies. A mere thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise are enough to guarantee our physical and mental well-being.

Based on this concept, we developed the Podynamica range which includes products researched by Podartis on its workshop premises in Italy for everyone who wants to engage in physical exercise without having to run risks.

Activity shoes protect sensitive feet during physical exercise, avoiding any trauma and lessening chafing against the upper thanks to stretchable technologies.

Designed along the same lines as the Activity shoes, the insoles protect feet against stress caused by walking or physical exercise. Crafted from a non-allergenic stretchable skin-friendly material, they are the best way to improve our posture and alleviate any pain.

The socks were devised and created to deliver protection and the utmost safety for anyone with sensitive skin, pregnant women and anyone who wants to engage in physical exercise without running the risk of sprains and the like.

Last but not least, Cutivel is a collagen-based gel which completes the protection system for the foot, acting as a protective biological plaster and speeding up the renewal process of injured or irritated skin.

Podartis was founded in 2001 in Montebelluna by a research group with a strong know-how in orthopaedic technique directed by Dr. Buratto, founder of the company.

Arthrosis is a chronic condition which causes the degeneration and progressive deterioration of cartilage around the joints. It mainly affects the joints of the hip, knee, spinal column, hands and feet.