Storie in movimento
Stories of people who chose not to stop.

We believe that physical activity is the best medicine, this is why we support a variety of initiatives and sporting events.
“Storie in movimento” is the project born to give voice to all those who, like us, believe that exercise is one of the most important cures for body and mind.

55 years old, office worker.
“Fear is something to be overcome...

one has to ask oneself: where do I want to go?
And the answer should be: I can go anywhere!”

41 years old, office worker.
“The things that make me happy are...

eating properly and staying active. We are a family of walkers!”

42 years old, freelancer.
“Diabetes is a lifelong companion,

it’s demanding but challenging in a good way. You have to know how to cope with it so you can do everything you did before…and maybe even more!”

38 years old, office worker.
“When you run, walk or play football, you feel free.

For a while, you stop thinking about your insulin levels and blood-glucose sensors…”

24 years old, lives in Forlì and is a student.
“I first found out that I had diabetes when I was 12. At the beginning I kept it secret

and I felt ashamed and different from other kids…”

50 years old, lives in Forlì and is an office worker.
“My daughter has diabetes. I try to set a good example by doing sport...

it is our duty to stay fit and active because it contributes to our health.”

33 years old, bank clerk from Cremona.
“At the end of March 2014, I decided to pursue my dream of travelling.

I have handed in my notice and dropped everything to fulfil my passion. My first departure is for May 4th and I am reaching for the sky. I want to reach the opposite end of the world from Italy – Australia. Then I head east where the sun rises: after an initial stop in Poland, I get to Moscow and leave on the Trans-Siberian Railway destined for Beijing From Beijing, I am bound for the South-West until I get to Tibet and Nepal and then down to India. I will try to cross the Indian ocean to reach the Thai coastline. I will be northbound because I want to visit the whole of South-East Asia and then I will go south again towards Indonesia. Last of all, in the hope that someone gives me a lift on a boat, I will land in Australia near to Sydney. About 48,000 km and 16 different countries in 9 months.”

Claudio’s adventures have become a video blog called – travelling as therapy for the body and soul. And because we are behind him all the way, we have sent some shoes to São Paolo to accompany him on his journey – a pair of Activity Greys!

So, what is next? To follow Claudio visit

30 years old, lives in Riccione and is a civil engineer.
“Questa malattia mi ha reso migliore…

come si dice quando tocchi il fondo puoi solo risalire, e così ho cominciato a stare molto più attento a me stesso.”

38 years old, she lives in Coriano.
“I have been diabetic since I was six...

I think it is better not to have a before and an after. I have always been like this, it is just the way my life is.”

76 years old, he lives in Forlì.
“I refused to accept my diabetes in the beginning...

but then I realised that if I stuck to the rules and began doing physical exercise again, I could lead quite a normal life.”

34 years old, he lives in Misano Adriatico.
“It wasn’t easy at the beginning...

basically, I didn’t go around saying “hey guys, I am diabetic!”

37 years old, he lives in Misano Adriatico.
“Doing physical exercise makes me feel good...

because it means that I achieve my own little target every day.”