Podartis and top enterprise side by side.

For decades, Podartis has been working with the most respected companies in the orthopaedic, shoe-manufacturing and healthcare sector.
The objective has always been to pool skills and know-how, working tirelessly to improve our products, develop new technologies and come up with better solutions.

Podartis and Vibram

Vibram is a historic trademark and the first to have developed rubber soles. It is currently a world leader in the manufacture of hi-tech soles. The partnership between Podartis and Vibram came into being in 2007. Our two companies are driven by a common aim – that of researching and developing outperforming materials for people with troublesome feet.
 The results achieved so far are meaningful: we have created Diapod and Vipod, two innovative materials with exceptionally skin-friendly properties, and we have made special outsoles for Podartis footwear which are based on Podartis’ system of biomechanics and Vibram’s technical know-how in order to guarantee exceptional stability regardless of the conditions and usage.

Podartis and NOVEL

Novel is a German company and the world’s leading manufacturer for biometric analysis as well as being on the leading edge for studying the distribution of body weight on footwear. This is one of the workshops where Podartis tests its footwear. The tests are conducted to examine the pressure to which the foot is subjected whilst walking. Podartis bases its shoe designs on the outcome of these tests (especially the diabetic-foot range where proper weight distribution is even more crucial).

Podartis and Podiatech-SIDAS

Founded in 1975, SIDAS is a French company whose superiority is based on four founding values: innovation, passion, performance and commitment. The concerted efforts of Podiatech (the orthopaedic division of the Sidas Group) and PODARTIS have brought about extremely technologically advanced solutions to benefit any foot doing any activities on any day.
The Podartis-Podiatech offering provides professionals with a range of top-of-the-line solutions: semi-finished insoles as well as materials and equipment for the creation of insoles with different techniques.

Podartis and Oped

Podartis and OPED espouse the same philosophy – getting the patient to walk as soon as possible. It is not just about selling a product, it is about giving the patient and seller the right support and the benefit of all the experience amassed in treating the diabetic foot in the acute phase.
OPED products are developed and manufactured in Germany and particular attention is lent to environmental sustainability and recycling components when they reach the end of their product life.