WPS is a post-operative piece of footwear designed to treat fractures, inflammatory disorders or pain at the front of the front.
The forefoot-offloading outsole transfers the weight to the rearfoot, making MPS ideal for the treatment of interdigital and forefoot ulcers as well.
The height of the 34mm outsole contributes to a natural stance whilst the angle of dorsiflexion stabilises the gait and reduces the “step effect” (Novel test 2007). It also allows for the insertion of a balancing customisable EVA insole (attached).
The super-soft nylon upper without an edge trim is suitable for more sensitive feet with skin problems. The protective front edge only measures 6 mm and was designed not to interfere with K-wire work.
The triple-velcro fastening allows patients to adjust the internal volume to suit their needs.
The effectiveness of WPS in offloading pressure from the forefoot has been tested clinically and biomechanically. It allows patients to get back to walking earlier, hastening the recovery of joint function (clinical study on offloading footwear during the post-surgical recovery phase, 2012).

Sizes: each shoe covers two sizes as follows: 35-36 | 37-38 | 39-40 | 41-42 | 43-44 | 45-46 | 47-48

TD is a post-operative clinically tested piece of footwear recommended in the case of hallux valgus and diabetic ulcers on the forefoot and midfoot.
There is no need for crutches. The rigid biomechanical outsole provides more stability and protection, allowing the patient to walk safely and return to normal life as soon as possible. Being 22-mm thick, it enables the wearer to maintain a natural posture and minimises dysmetria with the healthy limb, helping the patient to mimic normal walking movements. The rigid outsole lowers the risk of re-ulceration in diabetic patients by over 50% (tests conducted by the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute (Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli), University of Bologna).
The Zero Insole (PO600) is included in the package and has an 8° offload which allows pressure to be shifted from the forefoot to the rearfoot; it has been made from two differentiated-density materials so that the midfoot and rearfoot (with a higher density) can bear the patient’s weight whereas the metatarsal zone (less dense) is softer, protecting the foot and taking its shape. The Zero Insole can be customised to suit the individual foot (selective offloading).
The triple-velcro fastening means that the shoe can be opened completely at the front and adjusted for a perfect fit, accommodating swollen or sore feet and allowing for offloading insoles to be inserted.

Sizes: each shoe covers two sizes as follows: 35-36 | 37-38 | 39-40 | 41-42 | 43-44 | 45-46 | 47-48

Mini-IN post-operative shoe is the first and foremost a completely new look for a post-surgery shoe. At an aesthetic level it is the first one in the world to be similar to a sneakere. Specifically, the upper is made with the same materials as the accompanying twin “Activity One Velcro” shoe and the sole has its own design, all this to give the idea of wearing the same shoe to the operated foot and to the healthy one.

Main problems solved:
Dismetry: the “Leg Length Discrepancy” is the condition in which the limb of the operated foot, due to the use of an exhaust shoe, is much longer than the opposite leg, with consequent problems not only of instability but above all postural problems, causing pain and decompensation even to the spine. Mini-IN significantly reduces dysmetria together with the use of the contralateral sneaker Activity.
Aesthetics: the use of a classic post-operative shoe not only forces the patient to use different shoes between the feet, but above all forces him to use shoes that are not aesthetically pleasing.
Stabilization of the heel: almost all post-surgery shoes on the market do not block the heel sufficiently, due to this, during the contact and mid stance phase the heel tends to rotate, bringing the forefoot into valgism, compromising the post-surgery course of the hallux valgus and increasing the risk of recurrence.
Lightness and stability: the new biomechanical sole of the Mini-IN is the result of Podartis research together with the Movement Laboratory of the University of Bologna and Prof. Lisa Berti. In addition to facilitating walking, the sole significantly relieves pressure on the operated forefoot. The EVA construction makes it super light and the addition of non-slip rubber inserts improve its stability.

Sizes: each shoe covers two sizes as follows: 35-36 | 37-38 | 39-40 | 41-42

TERAPES is a clinically tested post-operative shoe recommended for usage after minimally invasive and percutaneous operations on the forefoot. It is also useful for bandaged feet and allows for partial movement of the forefoot.
Clinical tests show that the semi-rigid biomechanical outsole makes for a smoother gait and allows for forefoot offsetting. Moreover, by lengthening the midstance interval, semi-rigid biomechanical technology protects the metatarsal bones, reducing the mobility of the metatarsophalangeal joints and contributing to an earlier recovery of the motor functions (Clinical study on offloading footwear for the post-surgical recovery phase, 2012).
The toe-strike angle is accentuated to help the foot roll naturally, helping to simulate normal walking.
The seamless padded nylon upper and velcro closure mean that TERAPES is also an excellent solution for dorsal, interdigital and subungual ulcers as well as being effective in the case of delicate or sensitive skin because nasty rubbing and painful chafing is prevented.
The double-velcro fastening means that the front of the shoe can be opened completely and the internal volume adjusted so that swollen or sore feet can be accommodated and ready-made or bespoke insoles can be inserted.
With a practical lightweight structure, TERAPES does not only offer an easy entry, it combines a curated design with new technology so it is effective and comfortable on the foot.

Sizes: each shoe covers two sizes as follows: 35-36 | 37-38 | 39-40 | 41-42 | 43-44 | 45-46 | 47-48

TERAHEEL is a post-operative piece of footwear recommended for the treatment of heel fractures, during the post-operative stages of the rearfoot and in the case of patients affected by heel spurs. It is also useful in the case of rearfoot ulcers.
The sole protects the rearfoot and allows for complete offloading, enabling the patient to walk around without the help of crutches. Rearfoot offloading is further facilitated by an insole in soft polyurethane (customisable).
The back of the shoe has been fitted with a removable protective ring which acts as a bumper, making sure that the patient does not run the risk of being knocked on the critical area.
The side counters contain and stabilise the foot.

Sizes S (35-37) | M (38-40) | L (41-43) | XL (44-46).