Podartis has been working together with the most important professionals in the field for over thirty years. Diabetologists, rheumatologists and internationally acclaimed doctors talk about our contribution in research.
Prof. Anichini, head of the Diabetic Foot Unit in Tuscany.

“Podartis has trained entire generations of professionals to deal with foot problems.”

Prof. Roberto Anichini talks about Podartis’ contribution to diabetic foot research and its partnerships with the most important specialists in the field.

Prof. Brocco, diabetologist, head of the Veneto reference centre on diabetic foot.

“The role of Podartis has taken on increasing importance in my work, day by day.”

Prof. Enrico Brocco talks about his ten-year collaboration with president Dr. Camillo Buratto and the Podartis company.

Prof. Lázaro, Director in charge of the Diabetic Foot Unit at the Complutense University of Madrid.

“I am grateful to Podartis because it is the company that gives professionals the opportunity to meet, exchange important experiences and confront each other.”

Prof. José Luis Lázaro Martínez talks about the importance of exchanging notions between professionals and the fundamental role of Podartis in this field.

Prof. Uccioli, Professor of Endocrinology at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, specialized in diabetology.

“Podartis has an important role in research because it was the first company to publish an article back in 1995 on the role of footwear in the prevention of diabetic foot.”

Prof. Luigi Uccioli talks about Podartis’ contribution to the research on the Diabetic Foot.

Prof. Caravaggi, direttore Unità Piede Diabetico presso IRCCS Multimedica Milano

Podartis rappresenta l’azienda che ha segnato la crescita culturale sul piede diabetico, un punto di riferimento nazionale e internazionale.

Il Prof. Carlo Caravaggi parla dell’importanza di Podartis nella ricerca sul Piede Diabetico.