Podartis research came up with the prescription of the orthosis by risk levels.

Thanks to the collaboration of Podartis with Prof. Carlo Caravaggi, Dr. Enrico Brocco, Dr. Roberto Da Ros and Prof. Luigi Uccioli finally comes a simple format capable of communicating what literature and international guidelines have canonized.

The “Diabetic Foot Orthotics Triage” is a true prescriptive handbook that is easy to use for all medical specialists.
Triage correlates the classification of ulcerative risk in the diabetic patient with the characteristics of the footwear and orthotic insoles to be recommended specifically in relation to the risk class.

0 Low Risk

Diabetic patient with normal foot shape.
Absence of neuropathy.

Recommended shoe: Comfort

Recommended insole: None or protective

1 Rischio Medio

Neuropathy with moderate deformities.

Recommended shoe: Therapeutic; Perfect Fitting ®; Biomechanical sole ®.

Recommended insole: Protective or custom made

2 Rischio Alto

Arteriopatia o neuropatia.
Deformità senza pregressa ulcerazione e/o amputazione.

Scarpa consigliata: Terapeutiche; Suola biomeccanica; flessibile o semirigida ®

Plantare consigliato: Protettivo o su misura

3 Rischio Molto Alto

Arteriopatia e/o neuropatia.
Deformità e pregressa ulcerazione o amputazione

Scarpa consigliata: Terapeutiche; Suola biomeccanica ®; semi-rigida o rigida; Tutori su misura

Plantare consigliato: Protettivo o su misura