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The diabetic triage

Podartis research with leading international specialists has outlined a clear and intuitive classification of the diabetic foot, based on the severity of the lesions and the clinical picture of the patient.

4 risk grades help to identify the priority of treatment, simplifying the choice of orthotic solution and giving important advice on foot care to both specialist and patient.

Setting up diabetic triage

In 2014, Podartis presents the result of the recent years works, thanks to the collaboration with the best specialists in the diabetic foot: Prof. R. Anichini, Prof. R. Barroso, Dr. E. Brocco, Dr. C. Buratto, Prof. C. Caravaggi, Dr. R. Da Ros, Prof. J. Lázaro Martínez, Dr. D. Simonetti, Dr. L. Uccioli.

At last a common language is presented, transcribed in a simple format, capable of conveying what the literature and international guidelines have estabishled. The “Diabetic Foot Orthotics Triage” is a real prescriptive handbook easy to use for all medical specialists.

The Triage correlates the classification of ulcerative risk in the diabetic patient with the characteristics of the footwear and foot orthotics to be recommended specifically in relation to the risk class.

Who is it for?

Diabetic triage for the prescriber

To identify the best orthotic solution (shoe, sock and insole) for foot care and to get guidance on the treatment phase.

Diabetic triage for healthcare professionals

To provide important information to the patient, and to discuss the treatment modalities.

Diabetic triage for the technician

For more in-depth information on the treatment of the diabetic foot in all its phases and to be able to recommend the best product to the customer.

Diabetic triage for the patient

To receive important information on how to take care of their foot in every phase of treatment.

Diabetic triage for the student

To learn how to identify the diabetic foot, and how it should be treated.

The diabetic triage within reach. Always.

Download Podiapp now, the first application for diabetic foot care. It also includes diabetic triage, which is available (after the initial download) offline on all your devices.

Or explore triage from your computer, by accessing the web version of Podiapp.

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