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Materials and technologies

The Podartis team of technicians and biomechanical engineers, with decades of collaboration with some of the most influential players in the market, Podiatech and Vibram, has developed for more than a decade materials and semi-finished products for the production of the ideal orthotic.

We can proudly say that we can offer clinically tested and technologically advanced solutions from A to Z to improve the quality of life of every person, with any pathology of walking and physical activity.

Materials chart

Nothing happens by chance

Our tests have been carried out on more than 70 types of materials to evaluate their resistance and quality, exposing them to every stress and simulating all sorts of uses.

From the static test, which recreates a situation in which a person is standing, to the dynamic test that simulates a sporting activity.

Solutions for shells and covers

As a result of our researches with Vibram, we have developed the best solutions for both shells and covers and, after testing them, we offer a selection of outstanding products.


Easy processability and excellent visco-elasticity.


It guarantees a stable correction over time.


New generation expanded material for high bearing capacity insoles.


Top of the line for the foot at risk.

Why choose Podartis materials

In order to achieve excellent results in terms of comfort, stability and cushioning, it is necessary that the materials of which the insoles are made are also durable over time. Very often thickness loss occurs, negatively affecting posture and corrections so that the body weight is no longer distributed in a balanced way on the whole sole of the foot.

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