A vast choice that is bound to satisfy the most demanding professionals.

Podartis provides professionals with a vast array of materials with which to create insoles and custom-made solutions for the covering, basic shell, bases and inserts.

We conducted the first worldwide study on the functioning and performance levels of the materials used most frequently for orthotics, creating a table of comparison which helps professionals to pick the right materials for their particular needs.

As a result of this research project, we were able to develop and patent in partnership with sector leaders like Vibram and Podiatech some materials which can be used exclusively by our customers:

  • ViPod®: a skin-friendly anti-fungal antibacterial material with high levels of viscoelasticity.
  • DiaPod®: Like ViPod, it is a skin-friendly anti-fungal antibacterial material, but it has the added advantage of stretchability, making it ideal for sore painful feet.
  • DryPod®: a material used for the outer covering of the insole which does not only boast our signature skin-friendliness, but also brings absorbency and breathability, meaning it is an excellent way to keep the foot dry and perspiration under control.

Furthermore, Podartis offers professionals a selection of tools and accessories designed to simplify their work and make them more effective. Get in touch for more details.