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Podartis around the world

For more than thirty years, Podartis has been a leader in foot research and in technologies that allow people with certain pathologies to have an equally adequate comfort of life, confirming the company mission “to walk well, to live better“.


With this in mind, Podartis participates annually, as organiser or speaker, in dozens of medical congresses on every continent, from Asia to America, Europe and Africa. In the last four months of 2019 alone, we have done outreach on the issues of diabetic foot, rheumatic foot, foot surgery, physical activity and sports for seniors, from the Far East to the far west of Europe.

A significant collaboration is with the D-FOOT International (World Diabetes Association) “Step by step – To Train the Foot Trainer”, group “Step by step – To Train the Foot Trainer”, a project that aims to spread knowledge of the diabetic foot throughout the world and that has led us to make our contribution from South America, to Africa, to India, as well as Europe of course.


  • Madrid – Simposio de abordaje del pied diabetico (virtual event)


  • Abu Dhabi – 6th Train the Foot Trainer Course Middle East


  • Madrid – Colegio de podologos Madrid, “Prevencion del pie diabètico: la importancia del calzado terapeutico por fases de riesgo”
  • Madrid – Master pie diabetico
  • The Hague – ISDF, “A strategy in recurrences prevention”
  • Mantova – ReuMantova, “Il piede reumatico”
  • Beijing – International Conference for Wound and Diabetic foot


  • Madrid – Curso Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Lipsia – OT World, “Therapeutic shoes”
  • Barcelona – Colegio de podologos “PODIAPP”
  • Berlin – DFSG, “Adapted physical activity“, Podartis Diabetic Run
  • Paris – Congrès National de l’Orthopédie, “La chaussure pour obeses”
  • Valencia – XII Simposia Nacional sobre Ulceras por Presion, “Off-loading”
  • Rome – IV Congress of medical podiatry applied to complications of the lower limbs
  • San Sebastian – X reunion nacional – seccion de pie diabetico de la SEACV, “Los zapatos terapéuticos“


  • Montpellier – Congresso Piede Diabetico, “Le pied diabétique”
  • Barcellona – Giornata Scientifica di Podologia
  • Madrid – XVII Curso Pie Diabético – Univ. Complutense de Madrid
  • Valencia – Colegio de Tenicos Superiores Sanitarios “Los zapatos terapéuticos”
  • Oporto – 14th Conference of the Diabetic Foot Study Group, Symposium “Off-loading”
  • Salamanca – Congreso Nacional de Podología, “Triage de Pie Diabético”
  • Paris – Congrès National de l’Orthopédie, “L’activité physique adaptée”

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