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Safe and active living

Everyone can take advantages from just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day, whatever their age or condition.

In contrast, an inactive lifestyle exposes the body to diseases such as obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Stabilising back counter

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Extra inner volume

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Biomechanical outsole

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Seamless lining

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Filoform toe box

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Self-mouldable upper

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The AFA philosophy and the ACTIVITY® line

For a decade Podartis has been promoting the AFA (Adapted Physical Activity) philosophy and in collaboration with the specialist doctors’ association SIMFER and Diabetic Podopathy, plus the patients’ associations Anmar and HappyAgeing, it promotes physical activity as First Medicine with playful and scientific initiatives in various Italian cities.

Physical activity, especially for those with risk factors, requires the right protection. That’s why Podartis has created ACTIVITY®, the product line specifically designed to enable everyone to engage in healthy, protected physical activity.

All the shoes have been designed according to the concept of the Ideal Therapeutic Shoe, showing all the characteristics: extra inner volume, self-mouldable upper, biomechanical outsole, filoform toe box, seamless lining, stabilising back counter.

The ACTIVITY® line

The Activity line by Podartis is composed of four product sub-lines, each with its own characteristics and identified by a different sole, aimed at a specific public.


Designed for patients with pronated and senior feet and for all persons requiring lightness and protection.


A line dedicated to the outdoors but in complete safety and protection, whether for long walks or Nordic walking sessions.


Specially designed to give the sensitive foot security and stability when walking during physical activity, for metatarsalgia problems and for the protection of hallux valgus.


Tested for overweight and obese people, neurological patients and diabetics. Equipped with the most technical sole, it reads as AFO, a brace that gives spring-back to the step and improves stability and cadence.

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