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Podartis insoles

Better protection and balance for your feet

The aim of the footbed is to correct and redistribute the entire body weight on the sole of the foot in a balanced manner.

Our insoles are designed and developed to offer a solution for every foot and every pocket. They are developed, produced and tested entirely in Italy. Podartis insoles are made from exclusive materials, patented by Podartis and its partners, including Vibram.

Ready made protective insoles

Podartis offers solutions for all types of feet, weights and conditions of use. From finished products to semi-finished insoles and custom-made insoles. Finished insoles line has been developed by Podartis for the well-being of every foot. It is divided into five different categories of use.

Active life

The line designed to guarantee maximum breathability, cushioning and propulsion.

For sportsmen looking for better shock absorption at the back of the foot and for all categories of heavy workers who want to reduce muscle fatigue due to active standing.

City life

These insoles can be worn every day and can be adapted to any footwear, thanks to their small footprint and super-thin template. and super-thin template cushioning properties and stabilizing capacity of the heel cup are guaranteed.

Particularly suitable for heel spurs, plantar fasciitis e metatarsalgia and for the treatment of minor sprains.

Sensitive feet

Developed with Podartis and Vibram materials, they are a guarantee of quality for antibacterial and anti-fungal treatment. They are a step forward towards the high standards of safety and hygiene that the foot at risk (diabetic foot, rheumatic foot) requires.

They offer numerous advantages in the prevention of metatarsalgia and for the treatment of joint deformities thanks to their self-mouldable and protective cushioning characteristics.


This line of products includes insoles with a viscoelastic structure to stimulate the pump effect by facilitating microcirculation of blood and promoting lymphatic drainage.

The Podartis phlebological insoles have an important benefit and remove the feeling of heavy and painful leg, especially for all those who suffer from varicose veins and vascular problems.

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