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Rheumatic triage

A multidisciplinary approach to rheumatic disease, sponsored by ANMAR (Associazione Nazionale Malati Reumatici)

From Podartis research, the Non Solo Farmaco Project was born in 2019, a multidisciplinary approach to treating the rheumatic foot, capable of involving all the specialists who treat the foot: rheumatologist, physiatrist, orthopaedist, podiatrist, orthopaedic technician and physiotherapist.

What is rheumatic triage

Podartis has created a simple and easy to use tool in order to achieve this ambitious goal: the Rheumatic Triage, a clear and intuitive table that allows foot professionals to quickly assess the level of risk of disability to walk and recommend the most appropriate treatment (physical activity, rehabilitation, orthotics).

What we find in rheumatic triage

Professional figures

A detailed list of professionals to be involved in the care of the specific foot.

Recommended shoe and insole

What are the characteristics of the shoe and of the insole for the patient.

Rehabilitation approach

Whether to provide a rehabilitation pathway for the patient.

Physical activity

How much physical activity to do and how intensively to do it.

Who's behind the project

Rheumatic triage always at hand

Download Podiapp now, the first application for the treatment of difficult feet. It also includes rheumatic triage, which is always available (after the initial download) offline on all your devices.

Alternatively explore triage from your computer, by accessing the web version of Podiapp.

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