Podartis Insoles.
More protection and greater balance at your feet.

The sole of our feet measures only a few square centimetres and yet, every single day, ankles, muscles, tendons, plantar arches and toe joints work for us, bearing our body weight and keeping our balance.

It only takes something little to throw us slightly off balance and excess pressure is created, leading to heavy legs, swelling, callosity, bursitis and ulcers. In the long term, these can become medical conditions, some of which can even be disabling.

After decades of study and research with the most prestigious international universities and exclusive partnerships with major players in material manufacture such as Vibram and Podiatech, Podartis has created its own range of insoles which have a multilayered structure and exclusive hi-tech materials, extending the plantar support surface and rebalancing pressure distribution.


Our insoles are the result of a careful selection of the best technologies and approaches from all over the world which have been fused together to create the perfect insole.

  • The American approach helped us to develop the rearfoot shell which has side raises that stabilise the foot, keeping pronation and supination in check.
  • The European/French approach helped us to implement a semi-rigid plantar arch which provides the arch with support without restricting or straining it.
  • Lastly, the Eastern philosophy of plantar reflexology led us to research and develop a soft plantar drop which, together with the semi-rigid vault, stimulates the second heart of the foot and encourages lympho-venous drainage as you walk, boosting microcirculation of the blood.

Podartis uses top-end hi-tech materials, many of which are exclusive, and have been developed and patented in the course of partnerships with industry leaders, such as Vibram and Podiatech. Many of these materials are skin-friendly, antibacterial, anti-fungal and breathable boasting an outstanding ability to withstand wear, tear and scuffing and designed to last whilst providing the customer with total comfort and a sensation of well-being.

Some of the best materials on the market (also used by sector experts to create custom-made insoles) developed and patented by Podartis are:

  • ViPod®: a skin-friendly anti-fungal antibacterial material with high levels of viscoelasticity.
  • DiaPod®: Like ViPod, it is a skin-friendly anti-fungal antibacterial material, but it has the added advantage of stretchability, making it ideal for sore painful feet.
  • DryPod®: a material used for the outer covering of the insole which does not only boast our signature skin-friendliness, but also brings absorbency and breathability, meaning it is an excellent way to keep the foot dry and perspiration under control.
A special study and excellent results.

Amongst its various partnerships, Podartis has conducted a special study in conjunction with the Italian Special-Operations Forces (Col Moschin – Special Intervention Team and the Paratroopers Regiment Tuscania) whereby our insoles were scrutinised by subjecting them to the most extreme field tests. A significant reduction in pressure peaks on the forefoot and rearfoot was demonstrated (from 16% (while walking) to 36% (while running)).

Podartis Insoles. A category for each requirement.

Stretchable and skin-friendly as well as offering the utmost comfort for difficult feet.

Created to stimulate and boost micro-circulation in order to combat cellulite and varicose veins.

Created to stimulate and boost micro-circulation in order to combat cellulite and varicose veins.

Super-slender for day-to-day use in tightly-fitting shoes as well.

Super-slender for day-to-day use in tightly-fitting shoes as well.