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Since 2017, Podiapp has been the world’s first and only application for the care and well-being of difficult feet. Now completely renewed.

Are you ready to discover its amazing features?

Medical Area

It contains all the information necessary for the treatment and care of diabetic and rheumatic foot.

Podartis world

Contains everything related to Podartis, with a first in-depth section on science.


It provides access to all the detailed information on the best products for the care and well-being of the foot.

Designed to adapt to any use

Whether you are a foot professional or a person looking for the best product for your foot, Podiapp will change its appearance to guide you in the best possible way.


Learn more about your patient’s risk level, share with him the advice to take care of his foot during treatment, and recommend the best orthotic solution.


assist your patient in choosing the best orthosis for the care of his foot. Download the pdf with the shoe templates to customize the insoles to the customer’s shoe.


consult the Podartis catalog easily and find the product you are looking for at a glance.


Consult the dozens of scientific studies on foot treatment and discover all the details of rheumatic and diabetic triage.

More great features

Podiapp is full of features, discover the main ones below.
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Diabetic section

Here you will find in-depth information for the treatment and care of the diabetic foot, from its identification to the orthotic treatment by risk level and acute phase.

Diabetic screening

This questionnaire allows you to know the risk level of your patient through 5 simple questions, you will then be given all the information related to the foot in front of you and its treatment.

Diabetic triage

If you already know your patient’s degree of risk, select them here to learn more about orthotic treatment and get advice for both doctor and patient.

Acute phase

Podartis algorithm for the treatment of diabetic foot in acute phase allows you to find the recommended product for the discharge of ulcerated foot.

Products for diabetic foot

Here you will find all the products for the treatment and care of diabetic foot, divided by risk level or rigidity of sole.

Rheumatic triage

How do you take care of rheumatic foot? If you already know the risk level, press it to learn more about it, otherwise use the questionnaire to help you identify it.

Rheumatic screening

This simple questionnaire allows you to know the degree of risk of your patient and their treatment advice.

Products section

There are 4 main ways to search for a product within Podiapp. Each of these is available within this page.

Products list

Our complete catalog. Use the funnel icon in the top right corner to customize your search by applying the filters you wish.

Product data sheet

A complete page dedicated to each Podartis product: photos, description, codes, sizes, template and more. Press the heart at the top right to add the product to your favorites.

Product pdf file

This is an easily shareable pdf containing all the specifications of the product you are interested in. You can print it or send it to someone as a reminder.

Favorite products

All the products you choose to add to your favorite list can be found on this page. Open a product sheet and by clicking on the heart at the top right you can add or remove products to this page.

Find product by sole rigidity or risk level

Quickly view Podartis products already divided by risk level or rigidity of sole.

Find product via quiz

A convenient quiz will help you quickly find the product you are looking for. Answer the questions you think are appropriate and skip the ones you don’t need to answer.

Podartis World

Science, events, sales points in the area, templates, our contacts … Everything about Podartis, can be found here.

Scientific area

From the SINBAD Score, to the glossary, to scientific insights, everything related to science is enclosed here.

Scientific Insights

We have collected in this section dozens of scientific papers related to the treatment of diabetic foot, rheumatic foot and foot surgery.


As the word suggests, here you can find many technical terms and their meaning.


SINBAD Classification System is the algorithm for the international classification of diabetic foot ulcers. Complete the questionnaire to find out the result.


Here are collected all upcoming events, webinars or training courses together with their details. Use the registration function to let us know that you want to participate, you will be contacted for further details.


Here are collected all the templates of our shoes, useful to make custom-made insoles with the exact shape of the shoe in which they will be placed. You can find them already attached to each product sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Podiapp allows you to have at your fingertips recommendations as well as the best orthotic solutions for diabetic and rheumatic foot care and foot surgery.

  • Find practical tips for diabetic and rheumatic foot treatment and foot surgery
    Browse the Podartis catalog in a digital and interactive way
    Read dozens of scientific papers on the problems of the foot and their treatment
    Find the Podartis reseller nearest to you
    Stay updated on events, webinars and training courses
    Much more… Discover the main functions in the section More Great Features

Podiapp is available for all Android and iOS (Apple) mobile devices. Search the application on the store or use the quick links at the bottom of the page to download it.

To access Podiapp you must be registered, if you are already registered, choose the authentication method used during registration and log in, alternatively create a new account.

Creating a new account is simple, the first time you launch Podiapp you will be asked to register, you can do so via email, Facebook account, Google or Apple. Enter your details, and click on the link in the confirmation email you will receive.

Only the first time you log in you will need to download the contents of the application, it will take a couple of minutes depending on the speed of the connection.

Podiapp is designed to always work even in conditions where the internet connection is not present, so during the first run the application will download all the contents necessary for its operation. It should take from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the connection speed, a progress bar will show you the progress.

You can force the update of Podiapp data by following these steps:
1. go to the app home screen
2. open the menu by pressing the three-line icon in the upper left hand corner
3. press the “Info” button
4. press the “Force content download” button
5. will start downloading all content (it may take up to 5 minutes)

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