DICTUS is a brace for spastic club foot of medium entity and for drop foot. Compared to resin braces, it is a practical lightweight alternative and also boasts an attractive design. Non-bulky and easy to put on, it allows the wearer to use normal footwear.
The limb is straightened with an adjustable elasticated strap which connects the ankle to the foot.
The proximal fastening takes place with a velcro band whereas an elasticated panel is secured to the distal point with hooks to the eyelets on the shoe. It can also be used on bare feet if the elasticated panel is replaced with a second band on the sole of the foot. The straightening effect can be adjusted by changing the position of the strap on the eyelets.

TU200 ankle circumference S (12-17cm) M (15-20cm) L (20-25cm) XL (>25cm).


Easy to wear.
Lightweight and non-bulky.
Can be worn on either leg.
Allows you to wear normal footwear.
Elemento B (not included in the package and available for purchase separately) can also be used without shoes.

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