Working on your feet all day makes your legs heavy and tired. Podartis has designed Daylong socks with light compression to facilitate lymphatic drainage. High quality yarns, designed with innovative materials such as SoftAir, expelling body heat and absorbing freshness from the outside, to give the foot high comfort, freedom of movement and thermoregulation capacity.


  • SoftAir® is the excellent fabric for transporting moisture to the outside, leaving the foot cool and dry because, depending on the climatic conditions, it provides a correct thermoregulating action, expelling body heat and absorbing freshness from the outside.
  • NanoGLIDE® is a special, highly resistant material designed to absorb sweat and evaporate quickly. It dries quickly and reduces chafing that causes irritation and blisters, thanks in part to the PTFE nanoparticles with which the yarn is coated.