SIMFER – Gait rehabilitation in neurological patients

In upper motor neuron syndrome (UMNS) dysfunctions related to gait control take on a multifaceted expression of varying severity. Faced with the complex system that governs gait control, rehabilitation medicine has at its disposal equally complex ways of assessing and customising integrated treatment in terms of exercise, orthoses, footwear, drug therapy, and surgical solutions.

Clinical variability, opportunities offered by the adaptive plasticity of the neuromuscular system, the need to avoid solutions that induce maladaptive plasticity, and the personalisation of the rehabilitation pathway must therefore find a synthesis in daily clinical practice, supported by a constantly evolving scientific rationale, an indispensable premise for an operational approach that constantly offers the best possible solutions.


  • Dr. Luciano Bissolotti
  • Dr. Camillo Buratto
  • Dr. Giulio Gasperini
  • Ing. Eleonora Guanziroli
  • Dr. Franco Molteni
  • Dr. Francesco Negrini
  • Prof. Andrea Santamato