SIMFER – The overweight and obese patient walk

According to the Osservasalute 2016 report, it emerges that, in Italy, in 2015, more than one third of the adult population (35.3%) is overweight, while one in ten is obese (9.8%); overall, 45.1% of people aged ≥ 18 years are overweight.

Physical activity is of absolute importance in both the prevention and treatment of this condition (Capodaglio, 2019), and it is necessary to perform it with adequate preparation, following specific recommendations from clinicians and having adequate equipment.

This webinar addresses the main pathophysiological and biomechanical aspects of physical activity in overweight and obese people, with particular reference to walking and lower limb training, as well as modern technological aspects of footwear suitable for safe and comfortable activity.


  • Ernesto Andreoli
  • Giovanna Beretta
  • Camillo Buratto
  • Paolo Capodoglio
  • Giovanni Checchia
  • Veronica Cimolin
  • Manuela Galli
  • Giuseppe Ventura