The expert answers: Protected physical activity, protection & performance: the role of orthotic insoles

The aim of this course is to underline the importance of Physical Activity as the “first medicine”.

Prof. Paolo Boldrini, past president of Simfer, will underline the ways in which physical activity is declined. It’s both for professional athletes, whenever indicated, both recommended and prescribed to everyone and at all ages. Focus: AFA indicated for people with slight disabilities.

Prof. Lisa Berti will analyse the athletic gesture from a biomechanical point of view with the support of baropodometric examinations for both professional and amateur athletes.

A central part of the course will be the interactive presentation of clinical cases: a panel of experts from all over Italy will discuss individual cases with evaluation of the athlete, objective of the orthotic treatment and choice of the most appropriate foot orthosis.


  • Prof. Luca Avagnina
  • Prof. Lisa Berti
  • Prof. Paolo Boldrini
  • T.O. Fabio Fumei
  • T.O. Angelo Ruggeri
  • Ins. Andrea Santecchia
  • Dr. Daniele Simonetti