The expert answers: The diabetic foot

Professor Carlo Caravaggi, together with Dr. Camillo Buratto and Dr. Daniele Simonetti talk about the diabetic foot, dealing with the definition and classification of risk and the treatment of the disease, with a specific focus on the acute phase.

Prof. Luigi Uccioli will be the surprise guest speaker.


  • Prof. Carlo Caravaggi: Director of the Diabetic Foot Unit at IRCCS Multimedica Milan.
  • Prof. Luigi Uccioli: Professor of Endocrinology at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, specialising in diabetology.
  • Dr. Daniele Simonetti: Podiatrist, posturologist and specialist in the treatment of the diabetic foot. Sports podiatrist at UC Sampdoria, AC Milan (youth sector), Olimpia Milano basketball.
  • Dr. Camillo Buratto: CEO and head of research and development at Podartis. He has been studying the orthotic treatment of the diabetic foot for more than 30 years.