The expert answers: the elderly man’s walk

Quality of life and protection for Seniors and Jr. Seniors.

For the most fragile and comorbid persons, such as the elderly, physical activity is the first medicine. An emphasis will be placed on Jr. Senior, a category of people (60 to 75 years old), with an often active social life but who do not move enough.
It is essential for both seniors and juniors to see walking, and physical activity in general, as a tool for treatment and prevention.

Various experts will bring their experience on ageing of the skin and the osteo-articular complex, proposing solutions to protect walking and thus improve the quality of life.


  • Prof. Leonardo Punzi
  • Prof. Bruno Silvestrini
  • Dr. Camillo Buratto
  • Dr. Silvia Camilla Avagnina
  • T.O. Fabio Sellitri
  • Dr. Daniele Simonetti