Cutivel, the gel with collagen that helps to regenerate skin tissue.

CUTIVEL is a pure natural collagen-based gel which contributes to the regeneration of skin tissue. When applied twice or three-times daily, it speeds up the healing process and the growth of new skin.

Not only does Cutivel hasten and improve cell regeneration, but, with its special formula, it also strengthens the skin barrier and carries out a preventative and protective action against damage caused by trauma and by acute and chronic ailments, acting as a biological plaster. Due to a substantial amount of amino-acids with a rapid rate of topical absorption, Cutivel forms a protective film which shields against outside aggression.

For the best results, we recommend applying the gel evenly twice or three times daily over the affected area, leaving it to dry for about five minutes so that it is properly absorbed by the skin.


  • Natural origin
  • Accelerates skin-cell regeneration
  • Protects by creating a “second skin”



  • Feet with fragile skin
  • Blisters
  • Bursitis
  • Contact irritation and chafing
  • Micro-lesions
  • Redness and skin irritations
  • Contact allergies
  • Vascular-diseased foot
  • Diabetic foot
  • Post surgery and amputations