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The collagen gel that helps skin tissue regeneration

CUTIVEL is a gel based on pure, natural collagen that is useful for regenerating skin tissue. Its application, two or three times a day, speeds up healing or cicatrization and the creation of new skin.


Our skin is made up of collagen. Cutivel boosts your skin thanks to its high concentration of natural collagen.


Protect your skin from bacteria and external agents with Cutivel. Its application creates a solid protective barrier.

Natural origin

Cutivel is made from 100% natural hydrolysed gel to respect your skin and increase the effectiveness of its action.


Cutivel not only speeds up and improves cell regeneration. Its special formulation also makes it capable of strengthening the skin barrier and exerting a preventive and protective action against damage caused by trauma and acute and chronic diseases. Basically it assumes the function of a biological plaster.

Thanks to an important supply of amino acids with high topical absorption, Cutivel provides a protective veil to defend against aggression.

How to use

For proper use, we recommend applying the gel two or three times a day evenly to the affected area, then allowing it to dry for about five minutes to ensure proper absorption by the skin.

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