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Mini-IN post-operative shoe is the first and foremost a completely new look for a post-surgery shoe. At an aesthetic level,… Read more


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  • Product code: PO800M
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Mini-IN post-operative shoe is the first and foremost a completely new look for a post-surgery shoe. At an aesthetic level, it is the first one in the world to be similar to a sneaker. Specifically, the upper is made with the same materials as the accompanying twin Activity One Velcro shoe and the sole has its own design, all this to give the idea of wearing the same shoe to the operated foot and to the healthy one.


Dismetry: the “Leg Length Discrepancy” is the condition in which the limb of the operated foot, due to the use of an exhaust shoe, is much longer than the opposite leg, with consequent problems not only of instability but above all postural problems, causing pain and decompensation even to the spine. Mini-IN significantly reduces dysmetria together with the use of the contralateral sneaker Activity.

Aesthetics: the use of a classic post-operative shoe not only forces the patient to use different shoes between the feet but above all forces him to use shoes that are not aesthetically pleasing.

Stabilization of the heel: almost all post-surgery shoes on the market do not block the heel sufficiently, due to this, during the contact and midstance phase the heel tends to rotate, bringing the forefoot into valgism, compromising the post-surgery course of the hallux valgus and increasing the risk of recurrence.

Lightness and stability: the new biomechanical sole of the Mini-IN is the result of Podartis research together with the Movement Laboratory of the University of Bologna and Prof. Lisa Berti. In addition to facilitating walking, the sole significantly relieves pressure on the operated forefoot. The EVA construction makes it super light and the addition of non-slip rubber inserts improves its stability.

Sizes: each shoe covers two sizes as follows: 35-36 | 37-38 | 39-40 | 41-42 | 43-44 | 45-46 | 47-48.

The MINI-In should be USED IN COMBINATION WITH one of the following products:

  1. Modus insole (code: PL345)
  2. Zero insole (code: PO060)
  3. Custom made foot orthotic

Features and Technologies


  • Rigid biomechanical outsole.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Upper in padded nylon.
  • Seamless upper: no seams at friction points.
  • Velcro fastening and fully openable.
  • Easy entry.
  • Heel: 24 mm – 21 mm under metatarsal heads
  • Can be worn on either leg.

Risk levels

  • Fase acuta

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