CUTIVEL© is a natural hydrolysed collagen-based gel which completes protection for feet before, during and after daily physical activity. It is suitable for treating and preventing diabetic, vascular-diseased and sensitive feet. Protected under an Italian patent, its special formula has a dual action – a curative effect (regenerating) and a protective one (acting as a barrier) and is efficacious in the case of blisters, bursitis, contact allergies, skin irritations due to chafing and micro-lesions.
When it is applied, it provides the skin with what it needs to regenerate itself, accelerating the rebuilding process and helping the cells to recover and heal properly. When it dries, it leaves a light film on the surface of the skin which creates a kind of biological “sock”, protecting the foot and warding off the formation of blisters or lesions.
CUTIVEL© should be applied twice or three times a day. A sufficient amount of gel to cover affected area evenly should be smoothed on and rubbed into the skin, after which it should be left to dry for about five minutes.


Hydrolysed natural collagen gel.
Practical and easy to apply.
Double action – it heals and protects.
Acts as a barrier against external agents.