Stabil D

STABIL D is a foot/ankle brace devised to treat the diabetic foot during the acute phase and to offload pressure… Read more


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  • Product code: PO700
  • Fits: 10, 10,5, 11, 11,5, 12, 12,5, 13, 13,5, 14, 14,5, 15, 15,5, 16, 16,5, 17
  • Gender: Female, Unisex, Male


STABIL D is a foot/ankle brace devised to treat the diabetic foot during the acute phase and to offload pressure in the case of neuropathic and ischaemic ulcers affecting the forefoot and midfoot. It is recommended for the vascular-diseased diabetic foot and Charcot foot. It is ideal for the post-surgical treatment of ankle-foot and subastral arthrosis, corrective distal osteotomy, and fractures to the astragalus and heel whenever complete offloading is required. It is also suitable for instability in the ankle whenever the ankle-foot joint needs to be partially immobilized.

The rigid biomechanical outsole provides the brace with the utmost stability during the gait cycle and the EVA insole (included) makes for targeted offloading.

The multi-velcro fastening and full opening make it easy and quick to put on whilst the front flap protects the tibia and instep from dangerous painful rubbing.

STABIL D can be used together with the MODUS INSOLE (PL345) which allows for complete offloading on the zone affected by ulcers, or bespoke insoles.

Sizes: each brace covers two sizes as follows: 35-36 | 37-38 | 39-40 | 41-42 | 43-44 | 45-46 | 47-48

The Stabil-D should be USED IN COMBINATION WITH one of the following products:

  1. Modus insole (code: PL345)
  2. Zero insole (code: PO060)
  3. Custom made foot orthotic

Features and Technologies


  • Rigid biomechanical outsole.
  • Seamless upper: no seams in risk-prone areas.
  • Removable stabilizing side inserts.
  • Heat-moldable counter with a stabilizing effect on the rearfoot.
  • Designed for the insertion of ready-made or bespoke insole.
  • Protective front flap.
  • Rigid footbed in carbon fiber.
  • EVA insole for targeted offloading (included in the package).
  • Can be worn on either leg.
  • Clinically tested and ideal for the vascular-diseased foot too.
  • Off-loading and customizable.
  • Multi-velcro fastening and fully openable.

Risk levels

  • Fase acuta

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