Self-mouldable upper

In order to accommodate deformities, shoes should be fitted with a material that follows the anatomy of the foot as closely as possible. Thus frictions that can cause pain and compromise the treatment of the foot at risk would be avoided.

A self-mouldable upper is achieved through the following solutions:


The Flexpell® material has a sandwich structure with a waterproof outer layer, a self-mouldable intermediate layer with open cells that guarantees microcirculation of air and inner layer made of dermo-compatible Lycra, suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Flexpell upper combines the advantage of the material’s self-mouldable properties with the versatility of use, even on difficult feet.

Stretch design

Some Nappa leather or nylon materials have the right conformation to reduce frictions and adapt elastically to the conformation of the foot and its stresses in movement.


Further materials, which are more rigid, can be moulded by heat to obtain long-lasting solutions. The thermoformable solution becomes an adaptation of the material to the need to create a permanent relief zone especially where the shape of the foot has significantly changed from the original.