Protected Physical Activity

The line of socks for protected physical activity is designed to meet the need for elasticity and comfort to reduce circulatory insufficiency and to increase stabilisation and tibio-ankle protection during post-traumatic treatment from sprains, plantar fasciitis and reduction of edemas.

Compression Sport socks, which are also available with a larger circumference for large legs, improve blood circulation during physical activity and provide maximum protection. The Stabil ankle sock, available in both sport and city versions, is the ideal solution in case of sprained ankles and adds the advantages of stabilisation and safety to the comfort of wearing a sock.


  • Compression: the yarn promotes lymphovascular circulation, which helps eliminate toxins. The special Microlon knit with graduated tension performs a micro-massaging action starting from the plantar vault and involving all the calf muscles.
  • Seamless, they mould perfectly to the anatomy of the foot, reducing painful chafing. The ventilation channels act as a ventilation system that increases the sock’s breathability.
  • Tape technology in the ankle socks with a criss-cross knit structure provides wrap-around support and stabilisation of the joint in the subastragalic and tibio-ankle areas.