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ENERGY DIAB socks were devised to provide the diabetic or sensitive foot with the utmost protection while the wearer enjoys an active lifestyle.
Crafted with Crabyon fibres (a blend of chitosan and viscose) with skin-friendly, non-allergenic and antibacterial properties, PROTECTION DIAB socks are extremely hygienic and comfortable as well as being anti-odour. Crabyon’s outstanding capacity for maintaining the right moisture levels provides the skin with a pleasant sensation of freshness whilst keeping it soft and hydrated. Moreover, this kind of yarn triggers a natural response in the skin and performs a haemostatic function, speeding up the healing process for wounds. Also ideal to help cope with the effects of foot surgery.

Sizes: S (36-38) | M (39-41) | L (42-44) | XL (45-47).


Yarn containing Crabyon and silver fibre with antibacterial, non-allergenic and anti-odour properties.
Heel protection.
Differentiated texture.
Hand linking.
39% PES Coolmax Polyester – 25% CO Cotton – 14% PA Nylon – 13% PP Polypropylene – 6% VI Viscose/Crabyon – 2% AG Silver – 1% EA Lycra.
Manufacturing process carried out entirely in Italy.


Antibacteria Crabyon

Antibacterial CRABYON yarns with a healing regenerating effect on the skin.

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