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ACTIVITY FREEDOM EVO WR GREY is a shoe from Podartis' Podynamica line, dedicated to active outdoor in complete safety and… Read more


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  • Product code: PA34508
  • Fit: 12
  • Styles: Vita attiva, Città
  • Gender: Male


ACTIVITY FREEDOM EVO WR GREY is a shoe from Podartis’ Podynamica line, dedicated to active outdoor in complete safety and protection, ideal both for long walks and Nordic walking sessions. 

It is indicated for subjects with limited articular mobility, metatarsalgia problems, diabetic foot or rheumatic foot that need first and second-level prevention.

The semi-rigid biomechanical outsole Activity® Outdoor is designed for outdoor sports activity, its conformation allows a natural transition between the three phases of walking, reduces pressure peaks and limits wear on the joints, decreasing the feeling of fatigue.

The self-modeling and seamless upper in the rubbing points are shaped to the anatomy of the foot and its possible deformities, ensuring comfort and preventing painful friction. Freedom Grey is equipped with a membrane in the upper that reduces the risk of water infiltration, and the new waterproof construction makes it ideal for outdoor usage.

The increased volume of the shoe allows you to accommodate large feet, swollen feet, and insoles finished or tailored (even thick).

ACTIVITY FREEDOM EVO WR GREY, clinically and biomechanically tested, ensures protected physical activity.

Features and Technologies


  • Self-shaping super-soft nylon upper.
  • Seamless upper: seamless in the rubbing points.
  • Activity® Outdoor semi-rigid biomechanical outsole.
  • Predisposition for the insertion of a finished or custom-made footbed.
  • Extra internal volume.
  • Prolonged stabilizing counterfort.
  • Clinically and biomechanically tested.
  • Water-resistant.

Risk levels

  • Diabetico - Grado 0
  • Diabetico - Grado 1
  • Reumatico - Grado 0
  • Reumatico - Grado 1

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