Deambulo Open Man


DEAMBULO OPEN M was designed for patients who like to wear an open-toe shoe but still require ankle support. It is suitable for secondary post-surgery treatment and is to be used after the post-operative shoe when the foot is still swollen, sore, bandaged or painful.
The flexible stumble-proof biomechanical outsole, stabilising back counter and wide footbed all contribute to a very steady gait.
The padded upper made from super-soft nylon accommodates foot deformities like hallux valgus, hammer toes, gout or callosity. Furthermore, the seam-free design at friction points does away with dangerous painful rubbing.
If need be, a ready-made or bespoke insole or a brace can be inserted.


Upper in super-soft nylon.
Seamless upper: no seams at friction points.
Flexible biomechanical outsole.
Wide footbed.
Extended stabilising back counter.
Designed for the insertion of a ready-made or bespoke insole or a brace.
Double velcro fastening and fully opening front.

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