Podartis therapeutic shoes.
Peerless protection during all phases of gait.

Podartis therapeutic shoes are the product of thirty years of scientific research.
Our footwear boasts innovative technology and over the years our patents have become a gold standard for the industry.
We have always produced shoes for those affected by Diabetics or Rheumatism and for a healthy Protected Active Lifestyle.
The only ones to be tested and certified by the best European university laboratories, our products provide a guarantee of the utmost functionality, outstanding quality and the greatest protection during all phases of gait.

Technology and research for a product that is unique in the world.

With 30 years’ research on the Diabetic, Rheumatic and Neurological Foot, Podartis has contributed significantly to establishing the criteria that define a Therapeutic shoe and differentiate it from other footwear.

Some of the most important features on our footwear include:

A. Extra internal volume: to accommodate an insole (including custom-made insoles), but also to ensure comfort whilst catering for any foot deformities
B. Stretchable (or heat-moldable) upper: to contain the foot without causing nasty rubbing
C. Biomechanical outsole: an innovative sole to reduce energy consumption and the sensation of fatigue
D. Seamless lining: to prevent nasty rubbing and grazing to sensitive feet
E. Elongated toe cap: protects toes without compressing them
F. Extended back counter: to improve foot stability during walking and to prevent falls

Podartis gives you a biomechanical outsole called the “Timing Rocker Sole®”

The Podartis biomechanical outsole has been carefully designed to alleviate the stress and excess pressure that the foot has to cope with whilst walking, this is particularly true of the forefoot. The biomechanical outsole makes for a more natural gait and lessens the sensation of fatigue.
The effectiveness of this technology has been demonstrated by independent scientific tests.

Podartis Flexpell® Technology: this is a material which takes on the shape of the foot, adapting to deformities.

All our footwear boasts stretchable or heat-moldable technology which allows the shoes to take on the shape of the foot and does away with the pain and discomfort caused by the foot rubbing against the shoe.

Wearing a Podartis shoe is just like wearing a custom-made piece of footwear.

Podartis has carefully devised its product range so as to offer customers a whole variety of widths, thus providing a standard therapeutic shoe which can accommodate feet of different sizes whilst offering protection levels that compete with a Custom-Made shoe. This provides benefits in terms of cost, but especially makes it quicker and easier to find a solution.

When the width increases, the height of the toe cap (H) accordingly goes up as does the breadth of the template (T). This allows the shoe to accommodate larger-sized feet, adapting to the shape of the foot and boosting protection levels.